April 19

New Block. Now What?


If you’re in the exciting situation of having just purchased a block of land, we know you’ve got a lot on your mind.

Your thoughts are racing ahead to building a family home, landscaping, adopting pets, having your family over for barbecues, afternoons spent on the verandah - but wait!

There’s one thing you should consider before all of this, and that’s establishing a reliable water supply.

We understand that this is not the most exciting aspect of your new purchase; but the choices you make now will determine the quality of your water in the future.

Because of the undeniable importance of collecting and storing clean, fresh water—our most precious resource—many people find this fundamental step the most daunting.

Frequently asked questions include: ‘How can I ensure my drinking water is safe?’ and ‘How much water do I actually need?’

This three-part blog series will address these questions and more, with the aim of demystifying the process and helping you identify a perfect, long-term water solution.

This initial post will address the most fundamental issue when it comes to water supply—the provision of clean and safe water for your family.

rainbow over new pioneer water tank

Rainwater VS. Mains Water

The first question you must consider is whether you want to depend on mains water or install your own rainwater catchment system. For anyone building a home in a rural setting, installing a rainwater tank is a given, since there is no possibility of connecting to mains water.

However, even in areas where mains water is available, there are real benefits to consider in considering the alternative. So, why harvest rainwater?

  1. To establish an independent water supply free from ongoing water charges.
  2. To make the most of rain as it falls naturally, relieving the pressure on Australia’s strained river systems, dams and reservoirs.
  3. To minimise storm water run-off and the environmentally costly downstream effects of storm water management.
  4. To access clean, chemical-free, safe and great-tasting rain water.

“But hang on!” you might be thinking, “Doesn’t rainwater have a reputation for being dirty and prone to bugs or contamination?” Well the answer is “Not if you do it correctly”.

When you think about it, rainwater is one of the purest forms of water available - especially in Australia where we have clear skies and clean air.

The distinction, therefore, is not between rainwater and mains water, but between the ways in which the water is captured and stored!

For example, water stored in a Pioneer Water Tank exceeds global safety and food quality standards due to the world leading tank liner (known around the world as Aqualiner®) that is included as standard in every Pioneer Water Tank.

This exclusive, 100% Australian-made heavy-duty Aqualiner® is the only liner made with double seam welds to provide market leading waterproofness, strength and long-life durability for absolute water security. The liner is a multi-layered BPA-free and Phthalate-free food-grade membrane with an internal woven scrim for strength and durability. It has been custom engineered for the sole purpose of storing safe, clean and chemical-free water

Also included with the purchase of a Pioneer Water Tank is a leaf filter basket, and there’s an optional ‘Super Seal’ to protect against dust, insects and frogs getting into your tank. This should put all the horror stories you’ve heard of people finding critters in their drinking water to rest!

With these features, a Pioneer Water Tank will ensure your rainwater stays secure and clean—eliminating the need for bottled water or expensive filter taps that require ongoing maintenance.

Installing the right rainwater tank on your new block is the best way to ensure an environmentally sustainable source of clean water.

Rainwater Tank? Check. But What Else?

Installing a rainwater tank was the best water solution for your new block.


Because independently harvesting rainwater relieves pressure on Australia’s strained water resources and gives your family access to clean, safe water. It also eliminates the need to worry about rising water charges across the country!

You want to be sure, however, that the benefits of investing in a rainwater tank are not outweighed by the cost and hassle of choosing the wrong product.

When you build a new home you expect it to last well into the foreseeable future—but can you say the same for your water solution? How can you be absolutely certain that you’ll have a reliable water supply for decades to come?

new colorbond pioneer water tank in freshly green paddock

How are Pioneer Water Tanks built to last?

The body of a Pioneer Water Tank is built from Australian-made Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel, and roll-formed into our strong 8-80 V-Lock® profiled wall panels. Panel joints are formed using galvanised high tensile bolts and are fully concealed behind fixed covers to provide a smooth, safe and tamper-free structural connection.

The dome roof of the tank consists of Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel roof sheeting fixed to hot dip galvanised structural steel roof trusses. Swivel foot roof connections attach the roof to the tank wall at exact angles to provide optimum load transfer and hold-down in the most extreme wind conditions.

That’s a lot of tank talk! To put it simply, a Pioneer Water Tank = long term strength and weathering performance.


The only way you can be sure that your tank is long-lasting is to deal with a company that will guarantee it. That’s why Pioneer Water Tanks offers a 20-year conditional warranty on their rural and domestic tanks.


From a structural perspective, you want your tank to last a lifetime. By choosing Pioneer, you’ve got this part covered.

However, to harvest the cleanest water with the least amount of maintenance, we recommend sticking with traditional catchment areas off your house or shed roof, rather than relying on a tank gutter system. Tank gutters make a contribution to your rainwater catchment, but also make it difficult to control water quality due to the organic matter that is flushed into your tank (even with a leaf filter!).

This organic matter (leaves, twigs, etc.) can stay moist and can corrode the tank’s gutter and roof sheets—not only impacting on water quality, but can reduce the life of your tank!

By ensuring a clean catchment area, with an upstream screening and filtration system, you can eliminate this problem and save yourself the hassle of constant gutter cleaning and ongoing maintenance.

Does it matter where a tank is built?

We know Australians like to get behind their own workforce, economy and communities; that’s why Pioneer Water Tanks are proud to be an Aussie company building quality products in Austrlaia.

But when it comes to buying a tank, it’s especially important to consider: what conditions was this product built to endure?

Pioneer tanks are built for quiet domestic backyards, the dusty heat of a cattle station and the wild winds of the coast!

We have dealers across Australia equipped to provide you with a tank built specifically for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions. Your local Pioneer Dealer in Tasmania is Statewide Tanks - or Lokiart Construction if you're on King Island!

Choosing a Pioneer Water Tank is an easy way to know you’ll have a reliable supply of great water into the foreseeable future. Best of all, you’ll have access to expert advice.

Make a smart decision and contact the experts for advice on your unique situation. At Pioneer Water Tanks we listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objective.

We are always happy for a chat, so give us a call on 1800 999 599 to see how we can help you.

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