Water Tank Colours

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Choosing your tank colour

For some people a rainwater tank is nothing more than a necessity, for others it is a home improvement, and for others it is an investment. For some it might be all three. Whatever you plan to use your water tank for, unless you have it far out in a paddock for livestock or cattle, it is a part of your home, and as with any part of your home, you want it to look good.

Whether you are installing a poly tank or steel tanks, your water storage tank will be available in a range of colours, which can impact the price and performance of your water tank. Choosing a water tank in your preferred colour is a great way to personalise your tank, match it to your home or its surroundings, and make it feel that little bit more you.

What water tank colour is best?

When it comes to a poly water tank, the colour can be an important part of the consideration, as darker coloured tanks tend to absorb more heat, leading to more bacteria or algae friendly conditions, and less refreshing water, if it is for drinking water straight out of the tap. On the flip side of this, a lighter coloured tank may not last as long as darker colours in UV light, as the plastic water tanks can only be UV treated to a certain extent and still remain food safe. This is especially true for smaller slimline water storage tanks.

However, with Pioneer steel rainwater tanks, this consideration for tank colour is not so much of an issue, as the combined size, steel walls and antibacterial liner of the tank means that the sun isn't as much of an issue, and you can choose your tank colour from a more aesthetic perspective. Unlike painted steel, using bonded Colorbond® steel means that you can be comfortable that any water that comes into contact with it is still clean and fresh.

If the tank you are purchasing is in a genuine Colorbond colour, you'll be happy to know that new generation Colorbond® steel retains its colour and gloss for longer than past iterations, meaning it will likely lust just as long as a Zincalume® steel rain water tank.

Steel water tank colours

Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a range of both standard and non-standard Colorbond® colours, as well as the more classic looking Zincalume® steel. If you are looking for a specific colour from the Colorbond® range, check our rainwater tank colour range for a match.

Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range

Non-Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range

The COLORBOND® steel colour swatches shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones.

Maintaining your warranty conditions

While Colorbond® maintain that you can – within reason – paint Colorbond® steel if you wish to change the colour, or if it isn’t your desired colour, however it is best to make sure that painting your water tank doesn’t affect your warranty

The same goes for polyethylene water tanks, where certain paints may damage or compromise the structural integrity and chemical composition of the water tank, potentially leading to water contamination or leakage.

Further questions

If you have any further questions regarding water tank colours, or about what difference a non-standard colour will make to the price of your water tank, contact Pioneer Water Tanks today.


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