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How much does a water tank cost?

As simple as this question seems, water tank prices vary based on a number of factors, including location, colour, tank size and accessories. There is unfortunately no easy answer to this question.

The major factor that affects water tank prices is the size, as a 10 000 litre water tank is going to cost considerably less than a 500 000 litre water tank, but of course, a 500 000 litre water tank is going cost considerably less than 50 x 10 000 litre water tanks.

The size of the tank you're looking at will also likely impact the material you're looking at purchasing the tank in, as people looking at water tank prices for water tanks under 10 000 litres are almost certainly not going to be looking at concrete tank or steel water tank prices (outside of a hot water tank or water heater of course).

There are also going to be impacting factors when it comes to what the tank is going to be used for, as a rainwater tank for rural and residential use is going to be very different in composition and structure to a water storage tank for commercial purposes.

The information on this page will hopefully assist you in determining what type of water tank you're looking for, so you can determine the range of water tank prices you might be looking at.

Do water tanks save money?

One reason many people look at installing a rainwater tank is that it can save money. And in many cases it can, especially in states with tiered water schemes, where the more you use, the more you pay. If you are able to use your water storage to remove yourself from mains water completely, and no longer pay the service charge, this will also assist in the saving.

It is important to remember that installing a rainwater tank is a long term investment, and, while you will likely not see the savings right away, a quality water tank will typically last you over 20 years, and you'll most likely recoup your investment costs over that time - especially if you are able to gravity feed or install a solar pump, removing the costs that may come from an electric water pump or diesel pump.

One other thing installing a rain water tank will save you is time. Installing a quality tank will free you from local watering restrictions, meaning you can water your lawns and gardens whenever you wish, without having to stress about watering days or similar restrictions.

What water tank is cheapest?

As well as different size rain water tanks impacting water tank prices, the material the water tank is constructed from also has an impact on the price. When it comes to affordability a small slimline polyethylene or poly tank is the cheapest water tank on the market. However this would be for a slimline tank or small round tank under 5000 litres. Upward of this size, a slimline water tank won't suit, but still up to a size of around 50 000 litres, a poly rainwater tank will still be the most affordable option - if not the most durable.

For water storage upward of 50 000 litres, a poly water tank will not suffice, and you would have to start looking at multiple poly water tanks, which would make them less affordable than a steel tank.

Steel water tanks start at around 10 000 litres up to a whopping 1 million litres, but are most often purchased in a range between 110kL and 250kL. Steel water tank prices become more attractive when one poly tank won't suffice, or if you're looking or a more durable water tank, that will withstand things like bushfire or many years in the Australian sun better than plastic.

The type of steel you are looking at will also make a difference here, with a stainless steel tank being much more expensive than a Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel tank and Zincalume® water tank prices being cheaper again than Colorbond®. The choice between Zincalume® steel and Colorbond® steel is purely an aesthetic one, and more about how you want your rainwater tank to look, rather than perform.

What size water tank do I need?

The size of water tank that you will need for your home is dependent on a number of factors, including if it is being used for potable water as well as household or garden water, and on your rainwater harvesting capacity.

Your rainwater harvesting capacity is based on your roof or water catchment area, multiplied by your annual rainfall - as you cannot catch more rain water than what is falling on your roof. Then you need to determine if the water will be for drinking water, garden water or a combination of the above - or even if it will be used to become independent from mains water.

Once all of these numbers have been figured out, you can start to look at a ball park figure for what size water tank you will need, which is arguably the most important step in determining water tank prices. If you need assistance in figuring out what size tank would be best for your water storage needs, give one of our helpful experts a call.

What accessories come with a water tank?

Another thing that can impact water tank prices is any fittings and accessories that you may choose to add to your rainwater tank. All Pioneer steel water tanks include:

  • Exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner
  • Set of Anodes
  • 50mm outlet and ball valve
  • 150mm overflow, downpipe and flap valve
  • Leaf filter basket or 50mm inlet
  • Lockable sliding access hatch
  • Galvanised steel ladder

As well as these standard accessories, for an additional cost that will impact your water tank price, you can include:

  • Fire protection valves
    • Allowing a reserve capacity for fire protection
  • Water level indicators
    • Making it easier for you to check the water level of your tank
  • Smart water savers
    • Increasing your water harvesting capacity, safe from debris
  • Fascia strip
    • Providing a sleek finish to your water tank, and hiding any sharp edges
  • Geotextile underlay
    • Protecting your tank liner from any imperfections in the pad on which it is built
  • Superseal protective foam
    • Additional protection from any insects or vermin entering the tank

Further questions

If you have any further questions regarding water tank prices, or to compare water tank prices to a quote you have already received, call Pioneer Water Tanks today.


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