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Beauty Point Water Tanks

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  • Over 30 years of experience building premium water tanks for Beauty Point
  • Industry leading, exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner
  • Specially designed for water storage Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall panel
  • 20 year conditional warranty
  • Experienced local dealer network with local knowledge and experience
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Beauty Point Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have been a leading Beauty Point water tank supplier and manufacturer for more than 30 years.

People of Beauty Point know that they can rest assured, knowing they have the backing and support of Australia's number one big tank company.

Tasmania is often seen from the outside as a rainy green region all over, however, residents know better, and have their water supply demands in mind.

Beauty Point is a town by the Tamar River, in the north-east of Tasmania, around 45 km north of Launceston. Beauty Point was originally established as the first deep water port on the Tamar River,  first established as a port to service the nearby gold mine town of Beaconsfield, after the gold rush ended, it became a centre for the export of apples.

Water Tanks to Suit Every Need

Water Tank Sizes

With rural and residential tanks between 12kl and 500kl, alongside industrial and commercial tanks up to a whopping 3 million or more litres, Pioneer Water Tanks offers a wide range of water tank sizes.

Regardless of what project you are about to embark on, Pioneer Water Tanks will have a water tank that's right of you in size and in quality.

The Litres/Gallons stated above are gross capacities. Actual useable volume will vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets

Water Tank Colours

Every Pioneer Water Tank built in Australia is made from Australian made and sourced BlueScope Steel, and manufactured in the Australian Pioneer Water Tanks facility. Pioneer Water Tanks are available in either a standard Zincalume ® finish, or in the full range of Colorbond ® colours seen below.

Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range

Non-Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range

Bushfire Protection in the Australian Summer

Bushfire preparation

Despite being a magnificent and green part of the country, many parts of Tasmania are plagued by green drought, which means in the hot, dry summer months, vegetation is dry and vulnerable to wildfires.

An important way to prepare for the drier summer months is to ensure that you not only have a bushfire action plan, but also that you have sufficient water storage to help you and emergency services protect against the threat of wildfires.

Pioneer Water Tanks offers the option of a fire reserve in your tank, to ensure it can be used for both household water storage and fire protection.

Outperforming all comers in bushfire conditions

A Pioneer Water Tank performed better than the competition in bushfire simulation when testing was performed by the Bushfire and National Hazards CRC in partnership with the CSIRO.

After thirty minutes of submersion in flame, the Pioneer Water Tank continued to hold water, a crucial feature for firefighting efforts, while the other tanks tested either melted or cracked, causing their water to be partially or fully lost.

If your water tank has been subjected to fire, it is important to ensure that you get your water tested as soon as possible to make sure that it is safe for food preparation or drinking. The water would, however, still be suited for purposes such as watering gardens or lawns.

An Ongoing Battle with the Elements

The Beauty Point climate

Beauty Point sits in a oceanic climate region, with temperate weather and four distinct seasons. It sees warm sunny summer months, with the majority of rainfall coming between June and August.

These favourable conditions have led to Beauty Point having a booming wine growing, cattle and sheep industry, and today serves as a port for exporting apples from local agricultural regions.

Rainwater run-off and flooding

In areas across rural Australia, rainfall is often a welcome sight, and Tasmania is certainly no different.

When consistent rainfall accumulates, this can lead to flooding and storm water run off, which can cause damage to property and the environment, particularly in areas where man made infrastructure such as roads and footpaths cause the water to be unable to soak in to the soil.

If 100mm of rain fell on Beauty Point in just 24 hours, in order to prevent 2 million litres of rainfall from entering stormwater systems, it would require just 100 homes fitted with rainwater tanks and appropriate guttering.

The Pioneer Water Tanks Difference

Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner

Proven to prevent the growth of undesirable bacteria in your water tank, the Aqualiner Fresh ® water tank liner is the only antimicrobial water tank liner available on the market, and a Pioneer Water tanks exclusive.

The natural antimicrobial properties of silver and Sanitized ® technology are woven into the Aqualiner Fresh ® water tank liner.

This industry leading water tank liner is made up of five layers that make up the strongest, cleanest and most scientifically advanced water tank liner on the market.

Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile

The Pioneer V-Lock ® tank wall profile has been engineered for durability, and created with the sole purpose of water storage in mind.

This V-Lock panel profile is designed not only for toughness and durability of the tank wall itself by engineering the sheets to the ideal thickness for each panel, but also to protect the tank liner, preventing stretching and wear as the tank fills and empties.

It's a design so good, it won an Australian Design Award for the exceptional strength and internal support, along with its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Australian made water tanks - Tasmanian local service

Pioneer Water Tanks has the ability to provide truly local service to all Australians, regardless of where they are based, thanks to the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network, comprised of more than 50 experienced water tank dealers.

In Tasmania, we are proud to be partnered with Statewide Tanks, who are able to assist with all your water storage demands.

It is crucial that our water tank dealers are experts in water tank construction, as a water tank is only as good as the person who builds it.

Beauty Point Local Knowledge

Beauty Point fun fact

Beauty Point is home to two Tasmanian sailing events, as it forms the starting point of the Australian Three Peaks Race, a yachting and running event around the east of the state. It is also the starting point for the Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race, an event also down the east coast.

Things to do in Beauty Point

Head to Platypus House for a look at some live platypus and echidna, getting up close to these iconic Australian fauna.

As with much of the north coast of Tasmania, Beauty Point is home to some great wineries and restaurants serving local produce. If you're feeling up to it, you can walk off your lunch at Notley Fern Gorge.