Water Tanks Tasmania

Australian Water Tanks for Tasmanian Conditions

Over the last 30 years, Pioneer have supplied hundreds of steel water tanks to Tasmanian families, graziers and growers, providing quality water tanks to people from all walks of life. We understand how important your rainwater supply is, and we take our responsibility to keep it secure very seriously, and our reputation for quality and reliability is what has made us Australia's number one big tank company.

Australian owned and made since 1988 Pioneer Water Tanks have been making rainwater tanks people in Tasmania can rely on, and we're proud to be Australia's most trusted water tank company.

For over 30 years Pioneer Water Tanks have been industry leaders thanks to our drive to continually improve the engineering and technology that goes into every tank.

Pioneer is still proudly 100% owned and operated in Australia, which allows us to maintain tight levels of control over our design and manufacturing processes, ensuring that all of our products are manufactured to the highest of standards.

All of the accessories that go on your Pioneer Water Tank, such as roof hatches and ladders are produced locally, and we're the only water tank company in the country that doesn't import the fabric to make our tank liners.

All Pioneer steel water tanks are made from Australian made BlueScope Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel, engineered up to 2mm thick, designed by our engineers to put the steel where you need it most. All of the steel that goes into our roof structure and tank walls is Australian made.

Stronger Tanks with Pioneer V-Lock®

For a long time, the concrete tank was seen as the gold standard in strength for water storage solutions. But with the advent of modular steel water tanks, and modern plastic tanks, this has cause concrete water tanks to fall to the wayside, due to how heavy, unwieldly and hard to transport they are.

Occasionally we will hear from customers that a competitor's tank is thicker, and therefore stronger, and they're considering going with their tank instead. However despite the thickness of your rainwater tank certainly being a factor in the strength, it is not the be all and end all.

Similar to how motor vehicles are stronger due to the shapes of the vehicle, the profile of a water tank is just as important - if not more so - to its strength. The Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile has been custom engineered for the sole purpose of water storage, and it performs so well that it won an Australian Design Award.

Not only does our water tank wall profile provide superior strength to traditional corrugated or flat tank wall profiles, it also provides better support for the tank liner held within. Where other wall profiles may cause the water tank liner, so crucial to keeping your water fresh, to stretch or warp as the tank fills and empties, the Pioneer V-Lock® better conforms to the tank liner, putting less stress on it.

Importantly, as well as being the strongest tank wall profile on the market, the Pioneer V-Lock® also provides a clean, modern looking water tank that is aesthetically pleasing, and with a range of Colorbond® Colours, can suit any setting.

When it comes to tank thickness though, while it is true in some circumstances that our competitors' tank walls are thicker than ours, this is only for some sizes, as we put the steel where your tank needs it most, and some models of Pioneer Water Tank have the steel engineered up to 2mm thick.

How good is our tank wall profile? Well, in over 30 years of business, Pioneer Water Tanks have experienced zero structural failures, meaning that you can be assured of your water security.

What about Poly Water Tanks?

Many people around Australia turn to a poly water tank, or polyethylene water tank, to help them meet their rainwater harvesting and water storage needs. With a range of slimline tanks, round tanks and bladder tanks, poly is a versatile option, especially if you don't have much space.

While plastic tanks make an affordable and easily transportable option, they do have their limitations.

Being made from plastic, they aren't as durable as a steel water tank - particularly in bushfire conditions. In testing done by the Bushfire CRC, a Pioneer Water Tank performed better than all comers, whilst poly water tanks performed worse, quickly losing structural integrity and losing all water.

Price also becomes a factor when you start looking at sizes over 50kL, and one poly water tank likely won't be enough to meet your water storage needs. Considering Pioneer recommends the average Australian family a tank upward of 130kL, if you're looking to have a water tank that meets your whole water supply, and decrease reliance on mains water a poly tank likely won't cut it.

Where a slimline tank or a round tank may fit in a nook or cranny near your home or shed, a steel rain water tank is better suited to a large space, supplementing most, if not all of your drinking water supply.

If you're unsure if a poly rainwater tank or steel rainwater tank would be best for you, call one of our helpful experts, and they'll be able to assist you in finding the right water tank for your circumstances.

Keeping Your Water Fresher for Longer

For many people, when they think of Tasmania, they think of pure, clean and fresh water. With many rivers and streams running crystal clear. The River Derwent runs so strong, that 99% of the fresh water that runs through it flows out to sea. One of the greatest strengths of a Pioneer Water Tank is the Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, designed and manufactured with the direct purpose of keeping your water fresher for longer.

Out water tank liner doesn't just meet Australian and international standards, it is the only liner in Australia that takes steps to improve on the Australian standard, and it does so by leaps and bounds.

The Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner utilises the natural antibacterial qualities of silver to not just prevent bacteria or algae from building up in your water tank, but to actively work to remove any bacteria in the water, without the use of chlorine or other harmful chemicals.

This antimicrobial technology has been developed in partnership with Sanitized® - a world leading organisation in antimicrobial hygiene technology. Sanitized work in a number of sectors to create industry leading, top quality hygienic products, and the Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner is exactly that - the best in the business.

Not only is the Aqualiner Fresh® tank liner cutting edge, and industry leading, this revolutionary rainwater storage technological advancement is exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks, meaning no water storage tank on the market keeps your tank water as fresh, clean and healthy as a Pioneer Water Tank.

Full Range of Colorbond® Colours

One of the great things about a Pioneer Water Tank is how good it looks. Not just because of the signature Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile, but also because your water tank is available in a full suite of Colorbond® Colours.

While many of our competitors powder coat their water tank panels to get them to the desired colour, or offer a limited range of colours, Pioneer Water Tanks uses genuine Colorbond® steel, which keeps your water tank looking fresh and new for longer.

New generation Colorbond® steel retains its colour and gloss for longer than past iterations, and Colorbond® products are constantly being tested by BlueScope for the longevity and durability of the steel panels and the paint that is bonded to them.

Below is the full range of Colorbond® colours that Pioneer Water Tanks has available to order, including both standard and non-standard water tank colours.

Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range

Non-Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range

The largest range of Colorbond® water tank colours

Make the Most of Your Rainwater Tank

Every Pioneer Water Tank comes with a suite of standard fittings and accessories, as well as a range of non-standard fittings and accessories. One of these optional accessories is the Smart Water Saver, an innovative fitting to enhance and improve your water harvesting capacity.

For many people, one of the biggest limitations to their rainwater harvesting ability is their total roof area. After all, you can only harvest rainwater that falls on a catchment area such as a house or shed roof.

But what if you could make your rainwater tank an additional catchment area?

The Pioneer GT110 has a roof area of 50 square metres. That means in the Greater Hobart Area, you could be missing out on a whopping 25000 litre run of water straight from your tank roof every year.

The Smart Water Saver, exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks, allows you to harvest up to 25% of your rainwater tank capacity direct from your tank roof!

The idea of harvesting water from the roof of a steel tank isn't a new one, with many companies installing gutters on their steel water tanks, but this comes at a risk of water contamination, with the risk of debris building up in the tank gutter, and often with the water running freely into the tank without a filter - unlike the tank inlet, filtering water that comes from your home or shed.

Guttering or roof caps may also hold debris or water in between rainfalls allowing contaminants or insects to build up or breed in the area, potentially compromising the water quality in the tank.

The Smart Water Saver overcomes these shortfalls, utilising clever thinking and futuristic innovation with a patented design, to collect water directly from your tank roof. The low profile allows debris to pass right over, while harvesting all the extra rain that falls on your tank roof.

Made from food safe materials and UV stabilised plastic, with 1.2mm wide slots, designed to keep mosquitos and insects our but let the water in, this streamlined design is available only from Pioneer Water Tanks.

Always Local - Wherever You Are

Everyone loves local service. At Pioneer Water Tanks we know just how important it is. That's why we have over 50 Dealers Australia wide, and unlike some of our competitors, we have an installer based on the island of Tasmania itself.

All of our dealers and installers meet our strict standards for installation and service, and are experts when it comes to installing Pioneer Water Tanks. The Pioneer Dealer Direct® network is Australia's largest network of experienced local tank experts.

The Pioneer Dealer Direct® network supports over 50 businesses Australia wide, typically small family owned businesses working hard in their local communities to provide a great service and an exceptional product.

Pioneer understands that no matter how much time and effort goes into the design and manufacture of our rainwater tanks, it has to be installed correctly, which means the final product is only as good as the person who builds it. We're confident that our dealers are the best trained and most experienced in the country.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Tasmania since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.